Storm Damage Restoration

Storms can bring high winds, hail, and heavy rain or snow that can cause unfortunate damage to your property. MN Home Improvements is ready to respond. We have three teams of storm responders located throughout the state to conduct free consultations and make quick repairs to protect your home.

Be sure to take care of repairs right away. Leaving repairs for later can cause more damage than they would have initially. Be sure to call Minnesota Home Improvements for an on-site inspection and assessment of the damage done to your home.


If a company comes knocking at your door, they are storm chasing!

Storm chasers look to gather as much work as they can, hiring whomever they can, regardless of whether they are expert contractors or not. Most likely, these storm chasers are not from your area and haven’t been in business very long.

Typically, these storm-chasing companies haveĀ a reputationĀ for bad workmanship, hiring non-licensed subcontractors, false representation and bad working relations with your insurance company.

If you are affected by storm damage, you have a minimum of one year to properly plan the remodeling of your largest investment. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH IT. If you’ve already signed a contract, you have 72 hours to cancel by simply calling them and sending the cancelled copy of the contract back to them.

Minnesota Home Improvements does not knock on doors. We’ve been your local home improvement company for 37 years. Our service staff inspects every detail while working closely with all ‘insurance companies.’

Please stay local and find a contractor you can trust! You’ll be happy you did!