Storm Repair


Insurance Claim Assistance

When dealing with an Insurance Claim Issue,
You can expect the following:

A detailed inspection of the property
If damage is found, Minnesota Home Improvements will assist you in completing a “no fault” claim.
MHI will set an appointment to meet with your insurance adjuster to determine the repairs and an agreeable price for the repairs.
Approximately 7-10 days later you will receive paperwork describing the approved repairs and how much funds have been allowed for them. Included with the paperwork will be an Actual Cash Value Check, which is approximately 50%-70% of the total claim amount.
Once the work is completed MHI will invoice your insurance company.
The insurance company will send a final check to you, the customer, which is to be used to make your final payment to MHI.
If the damage is a result of a natural disaster, the claim filed is a “No Fault” Claim and federal law prohibits the increase of rates as a direct result of a natural disaster claim.
Once final authorization is received, along with the appropriate down payment, MHI can begin your home improvement project or repair.

Minnesota Home Improvements is ready to respond to storm damage. We have three teams of storm responders throughout the state to give free consultations & make repairs to your home.

Some of our repair services include, Roof Wind Damage, Hail Damage, Siding and Window Damage, and more.

For more information about storm damage and related damage visit our Storm Damage Restoration page.