Winter is the perfect time to start the bathroom renovation of your dreams. The cold temperatures do not prevent us from working magic on the interior of your home during the winter.


If you’re interested in a bathroom remodeling project, here are some trends to look for in 2018.


Natural Elements

Right now, infusing nature into your design is really trendy. Bamboo, natural stone, wood, sea pebble floors, and living plants are all having a moment in bathrooms. There are endless possibilities with design choices, but the key reason to chose natural elements is that many are renewable and sustainable. Organic choices also bring life into the space creating a calm oasis to relax in.


Industrial Modern

Modern, clean lines are still gaining popularity as well as the industrial movement. Bathrooms have a lot of plumbing pipes. The new trend is not to hide these, but rather to highlight them. This industrial look—think concrete, reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, and brick walls to go with the exposed pipes—has really been on the rise. If you have a modern style or high ceilings in your home, consider adding a touch of industrial design into your bathroom remodel.


Interesting Tiles

If you are looking to be a little more trendy than classic, splurge on a detailed or colorful tile as the showstopper in your bathroom design. Tile styles hot in 2018 will include geometric shapes, bright colors, and intricate designs. Even one feature wall of specialty tile can make a big impact and be the focal point of your bathroom.


These are just a few of our favorite bathroom remodeling design trends you will see more of in 2018. If you are dreaming of an interior renovation, tackle your bathroom this winter and let us help! Call Minnesota Home Improvements to get a free estimate today!