Painting walls and ceilings can be a wonderful way to change the design and feel of a space. New paint is also one of the most inexpensive options for changing up your home’s interior. With a new year finally here, it’s time to talk, once again, about the paint color trends predicted for 2022, as well as how to use them appropriately. 

Choosing a Paint Color for Selling Your Home

Changing the interior paint color for the sale of your home usually means choosing light colors. This is done for two main reasons: light color walls make spaces appear larger, and light colors are easiest to paint over. Making a space appear larger is a great way to make your space inviting to potential buyers and allow themselves to picture themselves in your space.

Additionally, light colors are easier to paint over, so potential buyers know they can easily personalize the room with their own color choice. Even in a sellers’ market, refreshing a space with paint can drastically improve the selling price.

However, if preparing your home for sale, it’s usually best to stay away from trendy colors. Trends come and go; people have different opinions on them, too, and that can affect your ability to sell.

Changing the Paint Color in Your Home

Choosing an interior paint color for your own space is a far more intimate undertaking than preparing your home for sale. It requires homeowners to know how they plan on utilizing the space and what it needs to accomplish. For example, bright loud colors may be distracting in a space designed to rest and unwind.

Paint Color Trends of 2022

As we’ve seen in previous years, paint colors in 2022 will favor bringing nature back inside. Brown-toned grays and muted jewel tones are great for family and sitting rooms. Bringing these colors into your kitchen and dining rooms can also invigorate these typically white, bland spaces.

Green is the undeniable color of nature, even in winter when we see so little of it. Using green in your color palate can be a way to ensure your home will have summer warmth all year long.

Need Help Choosing a Paint Color?

While home décor trends promote specific colors, choosing a color for your space remains a very personal experience. Not only do you want a color that you enjoy, you also want a color that provides an exact feel for your space. This can be a complicated undertaking when each color has a wide variety of shades, lusters, and hues.

Luckily, the professionals of Minnesota Home Improvements are available to help. Our interior designers will work with you to find the paint colors that make your house feel like home. Contact us today for questions about color choice, color matching, and interior design.