You don’t have to live on a farm to achieve that cozy farmhouse feel. In fact, there are tons of little ways to give your home the ultimate farmhouse makeover without breaking your budget or undergoing a complete house flip.


Here are 6 ways to bring a rustic, weathered, welcoming farmhouse feel to your home, starting with the simplest projects and leading into ones that may take a little more time – but are totally worth it in the end!

  1. Use Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are the perfect wall hanging storage units for your new farmhouse feel. The metal wires give the ultimate rustic look, and the baskets serve an adorable purpose – to display all sorts of goodies. Get creative and fill them with little plants, vintage books, or just use them to toss your mail into when you walk inside. Amazon has a few great options for relatively cheap, or stop by your local craft store or thrift shop to browse their selections.


  1. Incorporate Wood

Nothing says “farmhouse” quite like wood accents. When it comes to incorporating wood into your décor, the options are endless. Grab some salvaged wood and some paint and make a DIY farmhouse sign. Or, upcycle a wooden pallet to create this simple coffee cup holder. If there’s some wood, there’s a way.




  1. Hang Shelving

Shelves are great décor options because not only do they add dimension to any room, they offer additional storage space. These barn wood shelves are perfect for displaying china or trinkets. Don’t feel like getting your hands dirty with a DIY? These shelves give off that vintage farmhouse feel, and they’re delivered right to your door.


  1. Paint

Though painting your walls is a relatively easy task, it can take some preparation and quite a bit of time. But wall color is one of the most important elements to achieving a farmhouse feel. Stick with neutral colors like cream, beige, or gray, and avoid bright or dark colors that steal the attention from your new décor. You want the room to feel warm, open, and especially cozy.



  1. Give (and keepTrays

Gift trays are a fun way to deliver gifts or treats to friends and family. They not only serve as a delivery method, but if you leave the tray with them, they get double the gifts! Or, you can keep them for yourself and use them to hold coffee, place them on side tables to display books, or find other creative ways to show off your farmhouse handiwork. The wood and sheet metal combo offer the perfect rustic/warm contrast to add just the right amount of farmhouse pop to any room.


  1. Shiplap

Ah, shiplap! Every true farmhouse connoisseur knows that shiplap is a must for home décor. Originating as an inexpensive exterior solution for barns and homes, shiplap has found its way indoors. Since shiplap is flexible and extremely versatile, you can use it in every room of your house.


This DIY shiplap wall will take some time and patience, but the end product is absolutely stunning. Not ready to shiplap an entire wall? Give one of these smaller projects a try.



Whether you’re decorating on a budget, looking to revamp your décor in as little time as possible, or have all the time and money in the world – you can turn your house into a comfy, warm, farmhouse dream with these tips. And for all your other home improvement needs, we’ve got your backs. Give us a call today!