New bathroom designs, like all remodels, exist in the exciting world of possibilities. It can be difficult to translate the design ideas in your mind into reality. Fortunately, the builders at Minnesota Home Improvements are well-versed in translating ideas into reality. Additionally, our teams are up-to-date on current bathroom design trends and have many bathroom design tips to ensure your throne sits in the palace it deserves.

Everything and the Bathroom Sink

Besides being functionally important, the sink and vanity are often focal points of bathrooms. While bathrooms of the past have elevated pedestal sinks in popularity, modern trends have seen a vanity with an elevated bowl becoming a common trend. By placing the sink above the vanity, you can accent the sink while still having counter space on your vanity.

Rinsing New Designs in the Shower

High-end showers have also risen in popularity in recent years. No longer are showers relegated to single streams, but modern showers can feature multiple water features for truly unique bathroom designs. Additionally, the combination shower and bathtub may be fine for guest bathrooms, but your primary or on-suite bathroom may benefit from separating them since it allows you to design each with specific uses in mind.

Choosing Walls and Colors

Like other rooms within our homes, bathrooms have also begun to utilize accent walls to improve bathroom décor. A bathroom design tip for this is through utilizing wallpaper on the focal wall, but using a favorite or unique color upon the wall can also be a wonderful bathroom design tip.

Utilizing Sustainability 

Bathroom sustainability has extended beyond turning off the water when we brush our teeth. The current design trend involving sustainability is to utilize recycled and eco-friendly materials in the construction of bathrooms. Utilizing reclaimed wood, for example, can be a wonderful way to make an accent wall or shelf really pop.

It can be difficult to decipher which current home bathroom design trends will stand the test of time. Marrying functionality and design can be even more difficult. To prevent your bathroom from looking worn out, dated, and unfunctional, contact Minnesota Home Improvements. Our bathroom experts are sure to provide a bathroom that retains its same modern style years from now as today.