Home improvement projects are wonderful ways to update and personalize your home. When contemplating your next project, don’t forget the exterior of your house. While often neglected, the outside of your home makes the first impression on the outside world. The quality and condition of elements like your roofing, windows, doors, and especially siding can make all the difference in the appearance of your house.

Home improvement projects focused on the exterior of the house are typically done in the warmer months, but there are a few distinct benefits to replacing your siding in the winter.

When to Replace Your Home’s Siding

Not sure if your siding needs replacement? Look for signs of physical damage, mold, and dry rot. If your current siding is compromised by holes and gaps, these can increase heat exchange between your house and the arctic weather outside, causing your heating bills to rise. Large cracks can also become access points for rodents and other pests seeking shelter from the elements, especially in the winter.

Learn more about how to assess your siding for replacement in the winter.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Siding in Winter

You don’t need to wait until warmer months to swap your siding—siding can be installed year-round. In fact, apart from lowering your energy costs this winter, there are a few benefits to choosing winter to replace your home’s siding.

Reduced Yard Stress

Upgrading your siding during the colder months is easier on your lawn. Because frost hardens your yard, replacing your siding in the winter saves it from damage from equipment and workers. While it may be a hassle to move lawn furniture through the snow and out of the workers’ way, you’ll be able to enjoy your yard space with your completed siding in the spring.

More Availability with Siding Installers

The warmer months are busy for siding installers, meaning that the completion of your project is contingent upon the contractor’s schedule. With a decreased workload in winter, you’ll have an easier time scheduling with siding contractors, and they’ll likely be able to complete the project faster.

When you choose winter to replace your home’s siding, make sure you partner with a professional home improvement company to get the job done right. Winter weather offers a multitude of challenges, but a contracting company worth their salt will be able to work around them, ensuring the job is completed safely and on time.

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