Adding a tile backsplash to your kitchen is a low-maintenance way to improve the overall design while also protecting your walls against the spills, splashes, and steam inherent to any functional kitchen.

When you think of ideas for kitchen backsplashes, your mind likely jumps to the standard white subway tiles found in every flipped kitchen since 2016. However, unique kitchen backsplash ideas are becoming more popular, and you can easily incorporate them into your home’s aesthetic.

Fortunately, there are many styles and tile materials to choose from to ensure your kitchen backsplash perfectly fits your space and design goals. Read on for some of our best ideas for updating your kitchen backsplash.

Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Bold Colors

Depending on your kitchen’s aesthetic, a boldly colored backsplash can add interest to your kitchen. Utilize bright colors to bring life to the space, and consider pairing them with an interesting pattern to create a work of art behind your counter or stove.

Uncommon Patterns

Almost every backsplash follows a pattern, but choosing an uncommon one, especially when paired with a striking color, can help you create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. Consider patterns like herringbone, parquet, or chevron. Alternatively, arrange the tiles to create a large-scale pattern, like a repeating sunburst or flower.

Interesting Materials

Tiles are often made of countertop material, ceramic, or porcelain, but choosing a less common material can help you design a backsplash that truly stands out. Consider using:

  • Glass
  • Mirrored glass
  • Tin
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized metal
  • Marble

While these may be more expensive than traditional materials, when installed correctly, they create a one-of-a-kind backsplash sure to be the pride of your kitchen remodel.

No matter how you choose to create your unique backsplash, it’s essential to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the rest of your kitchen. Strike the right balance by seeking help from a kitchen remodeling expert.

Small Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Even if you have a small kitchen, you can still benefit from a backsplash. In fact, certain choices can even make your limited space appear larger.

At Minnesota Home Improvements, our favorite tile ideas for small kitchen backsplashes include:

  • Mirrored tile, which creates a reflection to make the kitchen appear larger
  • Vertical tile, which draws the eye upward and gives the appearance of a taller kitchen
  • Dark tile, which gives your kitchen the appearance of greater depth

These three kitchen backsplash tile styles can be used separately or in conjunction with each other to give any kitchen the illusion of being more spacious.

Stove Backsplash Ideas

Tile trends change rapidly, but one design choice has had staying power year after year: using tile above and around your stove that contrasts with the rest of your backsplash. This doesn’t need to be overly complicated; try using the same type of tile as the rest of your backsplash but arranging it in a different pattern or interspersing it with a complementary color.

For example, if you choose a classic white subway tile for your kitchen backsplash, you could arrange the tiles above and around your stove in a herringbone or parquet pattern. Since you’re using the same tile, it won’t stick out, but the pattern will create a perfect focal point.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and update your kitchen, contact Minnesota Home Improvements. Our skilled staff of experts will help you design and install the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today, or check out examples of our work on our website.