Whether you’re building a house or remodeling, choosing new windows for your home can be a complicated decision. The right choice should match the aesthetic exterior of your home, but it also needs to help keep warmth inside during the winter and outside during the summer. The same considerations are important for choosing your home’s front door.

The experts at Minnesota Home Improvements have compiled some tips on how to find the perfect window and door style to complement your home. Let’s get started.

Choosing Window Styles to Match Your Home

You need to consider a few things before installing any windows in your home, including budget and installation costs. Another thing to consider is the style of your home; windows that look great on a Victorian-style home may not have the same charm if your home is more modern.

The last two things to consider are the material type and color of the windows. For materials, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, composite, and wood windows are all great choices for modern homes. As for colors, black, white, and gray, are standard for the frames of windows, as they blend in well and can be easily matched to any style of house.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide the type of window that you want your home to have, but with so many options, it can be overwhelming. Talk to a professional if you need help choosing a window style.


Double-hung windows feature two sashes that slide up and down with a screen mounted on the outside. They tend to look best with traditional house styles.


Slider windows are similar to double-hung windows, but instead of sliding up and down, they slide side-to-side. This style best suits contemporary house designs.


This type of window has a crank that allows it to swing outward, similar to a door. The screen mounts on the inside and features a tight seal to prevent rain and heat loss. Casement windows are best for contemporary and prairie-style homes.


Like casement windows, awning windows also use a crank, but they swing open like an awning, hence the name. This window design works well in traditional or modern homes.


This type of window does not open and is permanently shut, which only allows light to enter. This window style works best in inaccessible areas, or it can be used as an architectural accent.

Choosing a Front Door to Match Your Home

Like choosing your windows, choosing a front door calls for consideration of your budget and the installation costs. You may also want to consider whether you would like to include a screen door or if you want to paint your door a trendy color.

Depending on the type of house you live in, whether it’s traditional, cottage, or craftsman, there are different styles of doors to choose from:


For traditional homes, faux-wood fiberglass doors look amazing, especially if you paint them a rich color and add some bold hardware to compliment your home’s aesthetic.


Look for a fiberglass or steel door with plenty of glass panels to bring in natural light.


Matching your front door to your home’s trim color gives it a more conservative look. However, a faux-wood fiberglass door may also compliment your home and will accentuate the cottage aesthetic. Add a pop of color for extra interest.


This type of home calls for a fiberglass door with a glass-finished top, giving your home a classic look and plenty of natural light.

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