Remodeling your home bathroom is an exhilarating experience since you get to start from scratch and incorporate all your big wish-list items in the new design. Though one element of a bathroom renovation that is often overlooked is the flooring choices available. There are numerous flooring choices all with their own individual pros and cons. Here a complete list of flooring options available to you to see which fits your needs.


Tiled floors: Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone

Ceramic and porcelain tile are a flooring choice that elevates your current bathroom’s appearance. Tile offers a sleek and modern look in what is sometimes a very small space. There are numerous pros to this flooring choice including, many diverse options available in regards to style and color, durable, easy to maintain and not too overly expensive. Cons for tiled floors are that they are hard to install, cold and stiff.


Similarly, natural stone tiles are also offer an assortment of styles, textures and colors and are very durable. Unlike ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stone is a fairly expensive option for homeowners and does require more maintenance. A major part of the maintenance process includes cleaning and sealing the tiles on occasion.


All these tiled options can be a good long-term investment in your home if you have the floors professional installed and consult a professional on the best ways to maintain and clean the tiles.



There are two different types of hardwood, traditional hardwood floors and engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is manufactured hardwood that contains several layers of wood that is topped with a layer of veneer. Engineered hardwood is water resistant meaning that it can be used in rooms high in humidity and moisture. Though this is a step better than traditional hardwood, this does not mean that engineered hardwood is waterproof. Engineered hardwood is water resistant. These floorboards do need to be sealed and can be easily damaged if not sealed properly or a leak occurs.


Another pro for engineered hardwood is that it can be installed on top of existing flooring. On the other hand, this flooring option is one of the most expensive options available. Homeowners can expect to pay more for engineered hardwood than they food for traditional wood flooring.


Vinyl flooring

Though vinyl was popular from its introduction into the United States in 1872 until after World War II. This flooring option was popular with homeowners because of it was water resistant, sometimes waterproof, comfort to walk on, easy to install without a professional and can add a new design element into a room.


In recent years, linoleum flooring has been considered cheap looking depending whether it was installed properly. In some cases, the flooring is only water-resistant. Furthermore, vinyl does tend to show more dirt and dust meaning that it may be harder to keep clean that other flooring options. Finally, linoleum floors can also emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are vapors or gases that cause ultimately cause cancer. 


Cork flooring

Homeowners who want flooring that is easy to install and requires low maintenance, cork flooring is the best option for them. Cork flooring has an inadvertently warm touch and feel to it unlike other flooring options. Cork flooring is also an environmentally-friendly option for a bathroom remodel. Unfortunately, cork flooring is not water resistant. To make cork flooring not susceptible to water multiple layers of polyurethane need to be apply to prevent water absorption. Without proper maintenance, cork flooring can crack and warp due to water moisture.

Final thoughts

Regardless of what flooring option you choose, having a professional assist in properly installing your flooring or your overall remodel is a must. All types of flooring last longer under wear and tear when a professional is involved in the home renovation process. Visit your local Minnesota Home Improvements store to consult with one of our many remodeling experts on how to transform your current bathroom into the washroom of your dreams.