The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why the details truly matter. Every day, numerous times a day, homeowners are using their kitchen to prepare their favorite meals and where families gather. One of the pinnacle elements of a kitchen remodel is the countertop choice. This may seem like a quick fix for many homeowners, but replacing countertops can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. It’s essential to choose the right countertop the first time, here are some options that might be best for the heart of your home:



The most vied after countertop is often granite. It’s known to withstand wear and tear as well make your kitchen look like a showstopper. Granite can come in a variety of shades including lighter hues, which will brighten up your kitchen, or dark tones, which can add some contrast to your design. Furthermore, each slab of granite is special and unique so you’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind countertop in your kitchen. Other than being costly, granite also requires a bit more maintenance since it does need to be sealed to prevent stains.



If homeowners want the same regal look that natural stone countertops like granite give, they could also consider quartz. Quartz, sometimes considered engineered stone, requires less maintenance than other natural stone options. Quartz is essentially resin and quart stone chips mixed together to create a countertop with the same swirled pattern as granite, marble or even limestone. Because quartz is an engineered option, there are a wider variety of colors available that other natural stone options. Again, this is another pricey option but is also very durable.



Palaces are not the only place for marble, in fact, marble is a growing trend in the home remodeling industry. Marble exudes glamor and class, which is why it’s a favorite among homeowners. Marble’s elegance is not its only pro, the countertop also remains cool, which is why it’s a top choice among pastry and baking countertops. Unfortunately, marble is very susceptible to stains, scratches and chips, even after being sealed. This countertop is often used in smaller areas of the kitchen and as an accent while other countertop options are used in preparation areas that are used often.


Butcher Block/Wood

If you want your kitchen to be cozy like a cottage, consider a butcher block or a wood countertop. The wood tones can soften and warm the appearance of a kitchen. A butcher block countertop is prone to scratches, but this often translates into a shabby chic aesthetic that is popular on the kitchen remodel market. Professionals can sand down these scratches so they are less visible. To prevent scratching and also expanding, wood countertops should be protected with oil.



Laminate countertops are one of the cheapest countertop options on the market. This countertop option has been used in homes for decades and was once considered stylish. In addition to be cost-friendly, laminate is also easy to maintain and lightweight. This means that homeowners can install laminate countertops on smaller and thinner cabinets because it does not require as much support. Unfortunately, laminate is easy to burn, scratch and stain. If the countertop becomes damage, homeowners often have to replace the entire surface area because it’s hard to repair.


Stainless Steel

A material that was once only found in industrial-sized kitchens, has now become mainstream. Stainless steel is now considered modern and chic as well as highly functional. Stainless is nearly indestructible meaning that it is scratch-resistant. The countertop also is resistance to heat and bacteria. Though this countertop is scratch-resistant, it is not dent-proof. Owners will have to wipe down the countertop often because it is prone to showing fingerprints. Finally, stainless steel counters are usually not financially-friendly options. They often need to be custom-designed to fit the space which makes it surge in price. 


Paper composite

An eco-friendly option that has emerged onto the market are paper composite countertops. Paper composite countertops are created by mixing resin with paper fibers and often closely resemble laminated countertops. Unlike laminate, paper composite can resist heat and water. Similarly, the material is prone to scratches and chemical damage. To keep the countertop in tip-top shape, homeowners should rub down the countertop with mineral oil. Unfortunately, this option is not as cheap as laminate and is actually quite expensive since it’s new to the market.



Tile countertops are another option that was once considered outdated but are coming back into style. This is the easiest kitchen countertop option to replace sections that have become damaged or scratch throughout the years. On tile countertops, you can replace individual tiles that are damaged versus the entire countertop. Unfortunately, tile counters do tend to be uneven and prone to staining.


Final thoughts

This is not an exhaustive list of countertop options, yet it’s evident that there are numerous viable options for homeowners. Regardless of your kitchen needs or your budget, there is a kitchen countertop option that will perfectly fit your needs. Contact the kitchen remodel professionals at Minnesota Home Improvements.