Adding a sunroom or porch to your home is one of the best ways to add living space without breaking the bank. To determine what type of room is best for your home, you’ll need to decide upfront what the room will be used for; however, your budget will also play a large role. Consider the following when deciding between the different kinds of sunrooms and porches.

What is a 3-Season Sunroom?

Excellent for areas that stay at a consistent temperature, 3-season rooms feature minimal construction with maximum usage. Comprised of single pane glass, a structure made of wood or metal, and little to no insulation, these rarely have a heating or cooling element, but a separate system is fairly common. 3-season rooms are a cost-effective way to increase the amount of space you have to enjoy in your home.

What is a 4-Season Sunroom?

Also referred to as all-season sunrooms, these generally come priced a bit higher than 3-season rooms. This higher price point is justified by the inclusion of year-round use and temperature controls for effective heating and cooling. The room is insulated with double or triple-paned glass and is connected to the heating and cooling system of your home. Many times, this room will have a dedicated entry to provide an additional means of temperature control.

What is a Porch?

A porch is a wooden structure, typically raised but also commonly built right on the ground. Constructed of wood with the occasional addition of a railing or roof covering, these aren’t rooms at all—just a platform. While not a direct addition to your indoor living space, a porch creates an enjoyable outdoor space while adding square footage and value to your home.

Is a Sunroom or a Deck Right for Me?

Determining what your new space will be used for is the biggest factor in deciding between a 3-season sunroom, 4-season sunroom, or porch. Will it act as an at-home office? During the pandemic, many homeowners added to their homes, so they had a place to work. A sunroom has proven to be one of the most popular options for this, but a deck wouldn’t be as effective, and usage would be reliant on the weather. The same could be said for a 3-season room.

Overall, a 4-season room will be pricier but does yield more of a return on your investment. A 3-season room will provide an enjoyable quasi-outdoor space for use during most of the year while being a bit less expensive than a 4-season. A porch provides an inexpensive, enjoyable outdoor space during the warmer month but is usable for the least amount of time during the year.

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