Home upgrades can be expensive, there’s no way around that. It can be tempting to attempt all the projects yourself. Whether it be for safety or the expense—some things are just better left to the professionals. That said, before you begin any project, whether hiring or doing it yourself, you need to figure out a budget That includes budgeting your money and your time. It helps to make a timeline and list of the things that need to be done so you can plan your project accordingly. Here are a few DIY projects approved by the professionals:


Wall Painting:

A few coats of paint can make all the difference. Before you decide on a remodel, try repainting and decorating. It’s a great DYI project that can save you tons of time and money. You’ll be surprised with how much of a difference it makes!



While you should leave kitchen upgrades to the professionals, have you thought of refinishing or painting the cabinets? Again, it’s a smaller project that can have a big impact.



Another thing you can do to save on remodel or upgrade cost is to buy your own materials. You can pick up a lot of items at antique stores or from wholesalers.


Light Demo:

Definitely don’t take a sledgehammer or chainsaw to your walls without a professional but things like unwanted cabinets, molding, or carpets can easily be removed on your own.


If you’re looking for more information about upgrades and remodels, give Minnesota Home Improvements a call. We’ll help you decide if you can do something yourself or if you’re going to need our help!