It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday spirit and develop tunnel vision. Soon all your obsessing about is redecorating your home in silver bells, garland and bows. Yet, instead of spending your money on Christmas décor, why not funnel those expenses into remodeling your home? Ditch the ornaments and strings of lights and give yourself the greatest gift by transforming that unfinished basement.


The gift that keeps on giving

Unfinished basements are essentially an untapped reservoir of potential. Basements are a great opportunity to create more living space for families. You can add walls to section off the space into separate rooms which can serve as additional bedrooms or a bathroom. Otherwise, many homeowners tend to leave the space open and create a second living room or game space for their kids.


Depending on what additions are in your basement remodel, you can potentially increase the value of your home by finishing your basement. It’s important to note that basement square footage, even if finished, is not typically added into the resale value of your home. In the 2019 annual remodeling impact report from the National Association of Realtors, converting a basement into a living space ranked as the sixth most valuable renovation for homeowners. Though it is an additional perk for potential home buyers.


Finishing a basement may also help you sneak around pesky building code restrictions. If you are able to build an addition or upwards, refinishing your basement can add numerous feet of living space into your home.


Financially, homeowners will only recover 64 percent of their basement renovation costs. Realtors often put basement remodels towards the bottom of homeowners’ to-do lists when getting their home ready to list.


Aesthetically, it can still feel festive, all year round

Making your home feel cozy and welcoming is a top-tier priority for homeowners. More than 85 percent of homeowners saw an increase in desire to be home after completing their basement remodel, according to the National Association of Realtors. Furthermore, 38 percent believed their home had functionality and livability as a result of their basement renovation.


A common add-on in the basement are fireplaces or even a bar and game room setup. Again, these elements do not add additional value to the family’s home, but it does bring them a sense of joy that they can enjoy all year round.


Instead of putting off your basement renovation and hoping it’s gifted to you by Santa, tackle the remodel now. Your friends at Minnesota Home Improvements are ready to help you transform your home, not only for the holidays but into a space you can enjoy in every season.