The Leaves Come Off, The Gloves Go On

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, especially for home improvement. There are plenty of fall house projects for you to do this year, but in case you need some motivation, or a little help from Minnesota Home Improvements, we have a few ideas in mind for your fall home makeover.

A Few Ideas for Fall Projects

A Fresh Layer of Paint

Fall is an excellent time for painting. If your paint is starting to look a little withered, it might be time to dust off that old brush and bucket. It can be especially important to get a fresh coat of paint on anything outside your house. With winter comes ice, which will further damage any damaged layers of paint. Give your doors and exterior a thorough inspection and lay on a coat or two in preparation for the icy cold just around the corner.

Power Washing Your Property

You might wonder when the perfect time to do some power washing is. We think autumn is a great time to add this to your list of fall house projects. Power washing during this season is great way to address any damage that heat or humidity have done to your home. However, be careful—a power washer can do quite a bit of damage at high pressures to your property. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of an expert for this step, or for any services you don’t feel confident tackling alone.

Clear Out the Gutters

You might think this is a task for the spring, but you can go ahead and add it to your fall projects as well. Clearing your gutters is a great way to prevent winter rain and snow from accumulating and damaging your roof.

Fixing Poor Insulation

Feeling a draft? As the weather is cooling, you might take the opportunity to check for any poor insulation around your home. This is a great time to re-caulk windows, add insulation to cold spots in your home, or anything else you can do to keep you warm in those icy months after autumn ends.

Prepping the Fireplace

You’ll want to make sure the fireplaces in your home are ready for winter. That sounds simple enough, but be sure to also check your firepits at the start of autumn so you can enjoy them while the weather is cooling. Nothing beats a bonfire with the family just before it gets too cold.

Help With Your Projects

The cold bite of winter is just on the horizon. We encourage you to use this time to get prepared. For any help you need with your DIY fall home makeover, be sure to reach out to Minnesota Home Improvements for help.