If you have a free weekend or even one day this summer, make a mini upgrade to your house by trying one of these easy projects!


Build a Fire Pit

Laying a stone or cement block fire ring is easier than you might think! Creating a space for evening fires encourages guests to stay longer and get to know each other better. Follow this tutorial for a DIY fire pit option. Otherwise, if you are looking for a professional finish or something a bit more extravagant, contact MN Home Improvements to plan the outdoor fire pit of your dreams.


Power Wash Siding

Looking to be productive on a hot day? Change into your swimming suit and power wash the siding. It is important to keep vinyl, aluminum, and steel siding clean each year. Let the kids play in the sprinkler alongside your powerful spray!


Build a Raised Garden

Ever wanted to garden, but nervous to try? This weekend, buy a few planks of wood to build a rectangle, fill it with planting topsoil, and try your green thumb at easy to grow vegetables like radish, lettuce, herbs, carrots, peas, and more. Building a raised garden can be done in a weekend and is a great project to do with the whole family.


Install Solar Lights

A cozy upgrade to your outdoor space this summer would be adding solar lights. Create a pathway to your front entry with solar lights, frame out a flower bed or landscaping design, or make this DIY solar light chandelier to hang in a tree near a backyard gathering space.


Build Patio Furniture

Putting together some fast and easy patio furniture can be low-cost when using unconventional materials. Get inspired with daybeds and sofas made from pallets and tables made from cement blocks. Build your own patio furniture this weekend and invite friends for cocktails to enjoy it on Sunday evening!


Try these easy outdoor weekend projects this summer and truly enjoy the home you’re in!