When trying to make your house a home, consider which interior design style you want to utilize in your space. With an abundance of different styles and the possibility to combine elements of two or three, choosing your interior design style can be difficult. It’s hard to know where to start and easy to get overwhelmed with the urge to try every new and trending style. Cultivating the style you want in your home is a gradual process, but defining what you want your style to look like makes it easier in the long run.

Look Through Your Current Decor

Many of your style preferences are most likely already present in your home. Pinpoint your interior design style by taking note of your favorite pieces of décor in your home. If these items all bring you joy, it’s likely they match your style preference.

Once you’ve identified these items, study them for a reoccurring theme. You’ll likely be able to choose an interior style that closely matches your favorite decor. Maybe it’s a similar pattern, fabric, finish, or texture that draws you in, or you perhaps enjoy a particular color palette or specific shade. Pinpointing what you like and dislike about the décor you already own makes it easier to purchases new pieces and update other rooms.

Define Your Interior Style

When it’s time to decide what interior design style best compliments your aesthetic, try not to get tied down to a specific style. Even if you’re initially drawn to the sharp contrast of minimalism, your tastes may change along the way, and you might discover you favor the rustic-chic style much more. Give yourself time to explore different styles before you start redecorating.

Even with a solid idea of your interior design inspirations, defining your style can feel like translating a code. Whether you find your style is art deco, bohemian, coastal, or industrial, having the terms to describe it will make getting inspiration a more manageable task.

Get Inspired for Your Interior Design

Once you’ve identified your favorite décor and have defined your style, gather inspiration from other buildings or pictures online to decide how you want to decorate your home. While the world of Pinterest can be overwhelming, looking up styles that match your vision and inspiration can help you determine what path you want to take. You can also visit museums, restaurants, stores, and even hotels to get inspired. Whether you prefer minimalist designs, contemporary, transitional, rustic, French country, boho, or even eclectic, there are locations and websites dedicated to helping you explore your style.

No matter what your interior design preferences are, keep your style current with interior design tips that stand the test of time. Once you’ve sorted out your style preferences, there’s no guarantee your tastes won’t change in a few years. Make it easier on yourself and use neutral colors for the walls and utilize artwork around your space.