Your home’s outdoor space is just as important as its indoor space. Backyard or front yard upgrades–especially deck upgrades–can add a lot of value to your home. Whether you’re seeking a higher resale price or just improving your family’s comfort, there are plenty of options to improve your home.   

For many yards, the deck is the centerpiece, but they don’t always receive the attention they need to truly stand out. If you’re seeking to upgrade your deck, check out these ideas from the experts at Minnesota Home Improvements. 

Where to Start with Deck Upgrades 

Before getting started on upgrades, you’ll need to know both the measurements of your deck and the budget for your renovations. If you’re hoping to expand your deck, you should also note the dimensions of your backyard. 

Calculating your budget and financing options will help you determine what projects are in scope. If you need assistance getting started, contact us at Minnesota Home Improvements. We can gather measurements and help you get a head start on your dream deck plans.  

Add Popular Accessories 

If the structure and overall appearance of your deck are still in pretty good shape, a few small updates can make all the difference. Unique décor items can give your deck the new life it needs. Accessories—like tall plants in distinctive vases, abstract table weights, patterned blankets, and oversized rugs—can boost your deck’s comfort and take its aesthetics to the next level. Choose a theme and keep it in mind when you are shopping for things like umbrellas and sunshades, too.  

Invest in Extra Seating 

Your deck may already have some furniture, like a couch or chairs around a table. If you have the space to add more options, having a variety of outdoor seating can add depth and extra functionality to your deck.  

For example, create different levels of height by having a low-seated couch in one area and a high-top table and stools in another. If your deck is short on space, consider built-in seating or seating options that double as storage. 

Increase the Deck’s Privacy 

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard, it’s natural to want a bit more privacy. Consider installing privacy trees, a screen, or a fence around your deck. Stylish panels or trellises around the frame of the deck are a great place for flowering vines or plants to thrive. Alternatively, use flowing curtains instead of a typical privacy screen. 

Improve Flooring and Stain Your Deck 

A fresh stain or refinish can change the entire appearance of the deck. Choose whether you want to make the current finish more defined or use a solid stain to try out a new color altogether. This kind of update may be tempting to DIY, but since it impacts how well your deck is protected from the weather, we recommend consulting a professional.  

Add a Multi-Level Upgrade 

If your backyard has space, adding multiple levels to your outdoor space can take your deck to the next level and improve its functionality. You might position an entertainment area at the base level with steps that lead down to a pergola or gazebo. Alternatively, use the upper level for your outdoor kitchen and the lower for dining and socializing. Explore ideas for multi-level deck designs to find creative ways to incorporate other outdoor amenities, like a pool or firepit.  

Make Your Deck Fit Your Home 

There are plenty of ways to add character to your deck, but your choices should be tailored to your home’s exterior aesthetic. Alternatively, take inspiration from the décor inside your home to create a cohesive feel as guests step through to your deck. 

For all your deck upgrading needs, Minnesota Home Improvements is here to help with the entire process, from free quotes to execution. Get in touch with us today to start building the deck of your dreams.