As the holidays approach, most homeowners want to join into the festivities and decorate the exteriors of their homes. Whether they string up Christmas lights like Clark Griswold or go with a more simplistic approach to holiday decorating, ensuring that the exterior of their home doesn’t become damage is of the utmost importance. There are a few holy grail rules to follow when decorating your home.


Knowing what tools to avoid

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, the usual DIYer becomes resourceful and uses whatever they can find to help them string up the lights or hang their festive wreaths. The most common tools used are staples, glue and nails, all of which damage a house’s siding. These products will create holes or cracks in the siding which will have lasting permanent damage on your home. Cracks and holes in the siding can lead to higher energy bills because your home is not efficiently insulated.


What to use instead

If you determined to hang Christmas lights this season, use removable siding hooks to decorate the exterior of your home. These clips nestle in between the siding panels leave no mark or trace from your décor. Another option is to invest in magnetic lighting. This is a relatively new product on the market. The lights adhere to your home’s gutters with the use of small magnets. They are easy to install and remove, again, without damaging your siding.


Practice safety first

As with any home improvement project, always ensure that you are safe when decorating the exterior of your home. Make sure that you have a sturdy and reliable ladder to use when stringing the lights on your home. Better yet, make sure you have some assistance when decorating your home for the holidays.


Less is more

When it comes to decking out your home for the holidays, sometimes less is more. With each hole or imperfect caused to your siding, the less energy efficient your home becomes. Find effective ways to decorate without compromising the integrity of your home. If you are looking for more creative alternatives or need to consult an expert about the state of your siding, reach out to Minnesota Home Improvements. We have numerous home exterior experts on staff who can help you with all your home exterior needs.


Contact us now for a consult. Happy holidays from our MHI family!