There are few things as relaxing on a cold winter day as sitting in front of the fireplace with your loved ones–perhaps while enjoying some hot cocoa and appreciating the warmth of a glowing fire. Fireplaces have been a strong focal point in homes for decades, which also means some are getting to be quite dated or broken down. Luckily, there are a variety of quick and simple ways to renovate your fireplace to bring back its welcoming radiance.

Unique Fireplace Ideas

Change Your Fireplace Materials

Perhaps one of the most permanent and striking updates you can make to your fireplace is to change the materials surrounding your fireplace. By adding new brick, metal, concrete, or even stone, your fireplace will take on a completely new look.

Recreate Your Fireplace Box

Changing the look of your fireplace box (or firebox) will update the rest of your fireplace design. You can add brick, metal, stone, or patterns to better match and update your home’s aesthetic.

Renovate the Wall Behind the Fireplace

Perhaps the fireplace itself is in good shape, but the surrounding space could use a facelift. You can update this with a stand-out accent wall with a fresh coat of paint, texture, or even a fun printed wallpaper.

Consider Widening or Adding a Double-sided Fireplace

Widening your fireplace will give it more attention and help it become a focal point in the room. If you have the opportunity, making your fireplace double-sided will transform the entire space.

Add Quality Lighting

It might feel strange, but sometimes the thing a fireplace is lacking is a quality light source or accent lighting. Adding fairy lights, track lights, dimmers, or recessed lighting will add even more positive attention to your fireplace.

Update Your Hearth and Mantle

Adding or updating your mantle and hearth can make your fireplace look amazing. Since the hearth protects the rest of the room from fire and embers, you can use a multitude of materials. Some eye-catching materials are granite, marble, stone, and even shiplap. Choose the same materials for your mantle for a sleek and modern look.

Add New Accessories

Depending on the aesthetic you’re planning when renovating your fireplace, use some bold art pieces, or even some simple, subtle additions to make your fireplace pop. Other accessories to choose from include a screen, brush, poker, pack of matches, and a wood stand to tend to a roaring fire.

Home upgrades and remodels can take on many forms. Minnesota Home Improvements is here to help you with all your renovation needs! If you would like to learn more about how to make your fireplace pop, then check out our website, or contact us with any questions or concerns.