The Effects of Winter

Winter can have several effects on your home. From leaky roofs to bursting pipes, there are a few things you should be looking out for as the cold sets in. Follow this guide to determine what you should be looking for and which home improvement projects can solve these problems.

Managing Your Roof

Your roof is arguably the most critical aspect of your house to manage in winter. Heavy snow, broken gutters, and ice dams can all contribute to issues this season. Winter roofing can often be necessary if things get out of hand, so take it seriously when snow and ice build.

One thing roofing contractors see a lot is damage from ice dams. Ice dam removal is crucial when the temperatures drop. Ice dams let water sit on your roof, often resulting in broken shingles and gutters and interior water damage. So, make sure to remove ice dams this season to prevent winter damage.

Broken and clogged gutters are also a common concern. You might be surprised to hear that many people think you don’t have to clear your gutters in the winter, primarily because of the daunting buildup of snow and ice. However, your gutters prevent damage to your walls and foundation by rerouting snow and ice runoff. Make sure to keep your gutters clear this season to avoid disaster.

Preventing Flooding

External roofing and gutters aren’t the only places where water can cause issues. We also need to talk about your pipes. Freezing pipes burst and will flood your home during the winter. Now is the perfect time to add insulation around your pipes and closely monitor the temperature in your home. Avoid keeping the windows and garage open, especially if you have plumbing near those locations.

But flooding doesn’t just happen from freezing pipes; it can also surface as the snow melts. If your yard doesn’t have proper drainage, you’ll find your property plagued by standing water. Before winter fully sets in, check the drainage around your property and make updates as necessary.

Watching for Cracks

Cracking in your foundation, plaster, and flashing is familiar during these months. Keep an eye out for these issues and repair them as necessary. This problem can occur both inside and outside your home. For instance, one of the most common places our roofing contractors see the damage is on the flashing surrounding your chimney.

If you see signs of cracking, be sure to repair it quickly or work with a home improvement service to fix it. Minnesota Home Improvements specializes in providing our community with the best home improvement service for all your home improvement needs. Find out what we can do for you by contacting us.