Thinking about redesigning your basement? Transforming your uninspired basement into a stellar space with an inviting atmosphere is easier than you might think and can add value to your home in a variety of ways. Remodeling your home can help redesign the function of the area, modernize your home, and add sizable space and square footage to increase the overall resale value of your home.


Modernize Your Living Space

Dated design choices such as dark wood paneling, shag carpeting, linoleum, and hideously-colored tile can dampen your space. Modernize your living space for a fresh living space. This doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune or jumping on every trend. It could be as simple as creating a lighter color scheme, employing minimalistic and sleek furniture, and creating vertical height visually. Additional ideas could include backlighting a wall with LED lights to mimic natural lighting or updating your lighting, fixtures, and décor.


Invite Light Into the Space

Not all basements have to be dark and gloomy. Without the aid of natural lighting, placing strategic lighting in the space will help illuminate your basement to make it seem larger and brighter. Recessed ceiling fans that are evenly spaced throughout the ceiling will help provide light throughout the area. Choosing an appropriate color scheme will also help to lighten up a dingy basement. Choose light neutrals for both paint colors and furniture options.


Redesign with Guests in Mind

If your home has frequent visitors, adding a space for friends and family will make your home even more inviting. Consider adding a guest bedroom, bathroom, or living space to make your guests more comfortable. Search for resources—such as this HGTV Planning Guide for Basements—that can help you design with functionality in mind.


Add a Kitchenette

A kitchenette can help make your guests feel more comfortable, but it can also be an excellent addition to a family entertainment room. Options for your kitchenette could include cabinets, counters, a sink, or a wine fridge. A small kitchenette can give you quick access to snacks, popcorn, drinks, and more for family movie nights. Alternatively, a basement bar could make a great addition if you are looking for a lounge atmosphere.


Choose Floors for Flow

Basement floors can be subject to HVAC issues and water damage. This reason alone can make it difficult to invest in hardwood floors or expensive carpeting. Luckily, there are plenty of quality natural-looking laminate and vinyl flooring that can help improve the look and flow of your room.


Redesigning and improving your basement will be an investment of your time and money, but adding usable and purposeful space will add appeal to your home.


Ultimately, a high-quality redesign of your basement can make your space more functional and enjoyable for the whole family. MN Home Improvements can help you accomplish complete remodels to create the home of your dreams. To view remodeling services and for financing options, visit MN Home Improvements today.