There’s nothing cozier than curling up by a lit fireplace during the cold, winter months. In fact, fireplaces are among the top three amenities on home buyers’ wish list. Yet, there is a substantial amount of upkeep that goes into maintaining a fireplace within your home. Here are the top pros and cons to help you decide whether to add a fireplace in your remodel this year:

Pro: Fireplaces add value to your home

In a recent home renovation survey, realtors found that home buyers were willing to spend more on homes outfitted with fireplaces. These homes were considered cozy and more luxurious due to their cozy fireplaces.  Adding a fireplace is considered a luxurious design element that most couples dream to have on a cold, winter evening.

Con: Expensive costs

When it comes to installing a fireplace, it can be very expensive. Furthermore, maintaining and upkeeping the fireplace is time consuming and can also be spendy. Homeowners often leave fireplaces off their remodel due to this reason. In addition, there are high energy costs associated with installing electric fire placing and cleaning up the mess of wood-burning fireplaces.

Pro: Creates a cozy atmosphere

There is something undeniably relaxing and comforting about a roaring fire in the fireplace. Whether that’s due to nostalgia or Hallmark movie moments, fireplaces are seen as rustic, romantic and soothing. Even with their various designs, fireplaces all emit this nurturing and comforting aesthetic that homeowners desire.

Con: Needing to stock up on supplies

When it comes to fueling your fireplace, you need to be prepared. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you need a stockpile of wood to keep feeding the flames. Otherwise, an electric fireplace only requires electricity, which will only work if your power is up and running. In this case, an electric fireplace would not work as an alternative heating source if there was a power outage. Making sure that your fireplace can run at any time requires some planning and preparation.

Fireplaces are a cozy, romantic element that can be added into any home renovation. Whether a fireplace is right for your home remodel is up you. If you’re interested in a adding a fireplace into your home or want to see what options there are for you, reach out to our home renovation experts today.