Open Floor Plans

More and more homeowners are knocking down walls in their home to make their spaces look larger and a more inviting. Larger, more open floor plans are better-accommodated places to gather with friends and family. “​​In addition,” says ​​, “open floor plans allow more light into the home, so it brightens the area up and makes it look more cheery. And, it gives you more flexibility in your space for furniture, addition of an island and multiple seating areas.”


Let in More Light

Natural light has been a growing trend for the past few years, and it’s not going anywhere, Large windows and more lighting make a room seem bigger and more cheery. Replacing windows is the obvious ways to achieve this, or add more light to your home. This could include stylish lamps, under the counter lighting, or kick plate lighting.


Smart Home Innovations

Investing in a smart home involves more than just a programmable coffee maker. Features like smart refrigerators, lighting and heating systems, and in-home AI programs like Alexa and Google products help homeowners. 


Paired with lighting, indoor illumination has also become smarter. As ​​ says, Home wellness lighting – also called  human-centric or tunable lighting, “More closely matches natural light in its warmth and, paired with home automation, shifts through the day with the sun to ease the impact of artificial light on the human body.”



Home remodeling projects yield a good return on investment and create a more enjoyable space. If you are looking to start a remodeling project this year, contact the experts at Minnesota Home Improvements. We can help you bring joy to your home.