When a storm damages your home, the last thing you need is more hassle. Though many contractors are trustworthy (despite their reputation), there are contractors out there that chase storms and overcharge for in-demand repairs. Avoid the repair problems and select a safe contractor by following these guidelines:


Call Your Insurance Adjuster Before Repairs

The first thing to do when a storm significantly damages your home is to call your insurance adjuster. This article goes into step-by-step instructions for working with your insurance company after a storm. The contractor you select should be well-researched in how to work with your insurance to get the repairs done with minimal headaches to you. To learn more about your contractor and insurance work together to serve you, read this article. Do not select a contractor who is inexperienced with insurance claims.


Watch For Red Flags

You can be sure a contractor who rings your doorbell and tries to solicit their repair services deserves your discretion. If the contractor pushes a high-pressure sales pitch, requests payment upfront, only has a PO Box address, is from out-of-state, or will not work directly with your insurance, these are red flags. You should reject these kinds of offers, no matter how good their pitch sounds!


Check The Paperwork

Although it can be tedious, read the contractor’s license and proof of liability insurance. It is common for storm chasers to lie about this. Also, read carefully their contract before signing. If the contractor does not have a contract, create one to sign so that both parties are on the same page about everything. When the work is done, ask for a detailed invoice to keep in your records before remitting payment from your insurance company. 


Select Locally and Carefully

The best way to go about selecting a safe contractor after a storm is to do your research. Get at least three quotes from licensed, bonded, insured, and reputable contractors. If you cannot find their website or reviews online, do not hire them. Choosing a local contractor is wisest so you can go back to them if their repair has an issue a year or two down the road.


When it is time to repair your home after a storm, protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Minnesota Home Improvements has years of experience with storm repair and home improvements and we are always happy to answer any questions you might have.


Follow these four tips to avoid hiring storm chasers and select a great contractor to get the job well done!