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Updating your windows can be one of the most beneficial improvements to your home. Not only do they improve the appearance of your home, but also it’s functionality… helping you save money on your electric bill and increase the return on your investment when it comes time to sell. No matter what style of window you need for your home, Minnesota Home Improvements is the team you can call for your next window installation and repair project. 

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MN Home Improvements Offers Two Brands of Windows:


Lindsay Windows: By far the most popular choice for their afforablity and wide selection, Lindsay Windows helps our customers add value and function to their home. We carry two lines of Lindsay windows, SunView and Pinnacle, to ensure our customer’s budget needs are met. Windows from the SunView line are a balance between quality and affordablity for those who are interested in upgrading their windows while minding their budget. The Pinnacle line caters more towards the customer looking to add supreme value, and peak functionality to their home. One of our professional staff members can help you determine which line most suits your home improvement needs based on your budget and the value of your home.

Andersen Windows: Comparable to our Lindsay Windows Pinnacle line, Andersen Windows are known from their quality and design. Minnesota Home Improvements sells Andersen Windows primarily upon customer request to those not looking to sacrific quality for price. This brand offers the highest end quality by focusing on functionality and design above all other factors. A great choice for those looking to significantly increase the value of their home!


Extended warranties are provided and vary slightly depending on which brand of windows you choose for your home. MN Home Improvements provides extended warranties that can include coverage on window materials, functionality, and workmanship. Contact us to find out more!



Slide to Open

Slider style windows are easy to operate by using a side-to-side motion to open and close the window. Locks are located between the two sliding windows for saftey.

Double or Single Hung

Double or Single Hung

Slide to Open

Double hung windows have two moveable panels that allow for ventilation at the top or bottom (or both) of the window. Single hung windows have one moveable bottom panel that allows for ventilation only at the bottom of the window.



Crank to Open

Casement windows are operated using a small crank or hinge located at the bottom of the window allowing the window to open along its verticle axis. When opened, this style window is known for being particularily easy to clean.

Bay Window

Bay Window


Bay windows are made up of three windows assembled in angled projections. A typical configuration is a large picture window surrounded by two smaller single hung or casement windows.

Picture Window

Picture Window


Picture windows are stationary windows that offer a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors. They are typically large in size and act as a focal point on a large wall or in a main room of the home.


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