When windows aren’t installed correctly, the repercussions can ripple throughout the rest of your home, causing your energy bills to skyrocket, increasing the chance of water damage, and even compromising the structural integrity and safety of your home.

Worried your new windows were botched? Check for these signs of bad window installation before calling a trusted professional to get the job redone right.

Poorly Done Caulking

Caulking is intended to seal the seams of windows and protect your home’s interior from the outside air. The caulk lines should be even, neat, and unsmeared. Look for holes, gaps, or sections that look entirely unfinished.

Drafts or Rising Energy Bills

Installing new windows is one of the best ways to improve your home’s insulation. Under no circumstance should you brand new windows have problems with drafts, and your energy bill shouldn’t be rising after a new installation.

Not sure if that’s a draft or your imagination? Use the candle test to check. Light a candle and hold it near the seams of the window. Pause occasionally to see if the flame bends or wavers—if it does, you’ve likely got a draft.

Water Damage

This sign of poor window installation may take longer to spot if your windows are brand new, but it’s important to look out for, nonetheless. If you’re noticing pooling water, discoloration, molding, warping, or peeling paint near or around your windows, that’s a sure sign of a bad installation.

Poor Operation

There’s no reason your new windows shouldn’t be working as intended. They shouldn’t be sticking, difficult to open or close, or hard to lock.

Fog Between Panes

Fog or condensation between windowpanes implies that the seal between panes has failed—there’s no reason for this to be the case in new windows. Careless installation can cause the seal to break long before that should be a risk.

It’s important to correct these problems quickly—they’ll only worsen as time goes on. At Minnesota Home Improvement, we take pride in in customer satisfaction. Our trusted window brands strike the balance between quality and affordability, and our careful installation techniques will ensure you’ll never have to look for these troubling signs during your next renovation.