Living in a small space with limited storage can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of belongings that need to be tucked away. But with a little creativity and some smart storage solutions, you can easily make the most of your space and keep your belongings organized and out of sight.

There are several spots where you can squeeze in storage for small spaces, but there are a few reliable options that most homeowners swear by:

  • Entryway storage
  • Hidden storage solutions
  • Mobile storage carts
  • Ladder shelving
  • Extra wall shelving
  • Stylish and functional baskets and bins

Entryway Storage

One location to store items when not in use is in your entryway, next to the front door. You can easily gain more storage space by adding wall hooks for coats, bags, hats, and other things such as car keys. At the floor level, add additional storage with cubbies or a storage bench to store shoes, or other outdoor items like gloves and scarves.

There are several premade, wooden lockers that you can set in place. If you prefer a custom option, however, you can always draw up some plans for your perfect entryway storage area. Just remember that a great entryway storage solution should make use of the vertical space you have to keep your hallways clear.

Hidden Storage

Your furniture may already be ready to store away more items than you think! Ottomans, beds, and couches are often already equipped with extra, hidden storage. Use it to your advantage!

If you want to benefit from this storage but don’t have any compatible furniture, they are extremely affordable. Shop online or in person for small, affordable options that have hidden compartments, drawers, or pockets.

Storage Carts

A storage cart is the perfect storage idea for your home if you would like to add compact, mobile shelving. Use a storage cart in your kitchen to organize spices, pantry staples, or small kitchen appliances and utensils.

In the bathroom, utilize a storage cart to arrange makeup and toiletries. Or in the living room, a storage cart easily converts from blanket and remote storage into a bar cart for entertaining guests. This solution is unique particularly because it’s mobile. When not in use, you can quickly stow these carts in the garage or another part of the home.

Ladder Shelving

If you are looking for space-saving shelving that looks great, but can still hold a lot of items, then ladder-like shelving is for you! This type of storage is perfect for storing plants, books, pictures, and so much more, in a space-saving, vertical manner.

Keep in mind that this type of shelving isn’t best for narrow spaces because it gets wider towards the bottom. If you have a narrow space, but still want shelves, then opt for wall shelving instead.

Wall Shelving

Wall shelving comes in many types, sizes, and configurations–and can be added to almost any wall in your house. Wall shelves are great for any area of your house where floor space may be at a premium and can be used for storage and display.

You may also be able to add recessed shelving to existing walls. This can be a great way to turn an otherwise unused wall into an organizational staple of your home. Be sure to check the requirement for recessed shelves against your walls before you take on any projects, though.

Storage Baskets and Bins

If you have extra bins or baskets around your home, put them to use! You can use bins and baskets for organization, or for tucking things away in a hidden place. Baskets and bins don’t have to be an eyesore either. Decorative baskets made from materials like wicker add some style and function to your space.

Are you feeling inspired and ready to add additional storage to your small space? Look no further than Minnesota Home Improvements. We are here to help you make your storage dreams a reality. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your next small space storage project!