Spring is a season full of new opportunity and fresh air. Take advantage of this and schedule maintenance on your home during the perfect time of year!


Repair or Replace Roof           

Each spring it is important to inspect your roof from weather damage. Hail or ice can create problems for your shingles. Spring is just the right time to repair or replace your roof before the summer sun beats on the shingles making them super hot! Staying on top of your roof’s condition can save you from water damage later on.


Build Outdoor Living Space

Whether you are considering a deck or a three season porch, building outdoor living space makes sense to do in the spring. When the project is complete, you will have the whole summer to enjoy it! Install a pergola, expand your deck, maybe even add a balcony – the possibilities are endless!


Wash Windows

Each spring, you want that sunshine to stream in your home so you go out to wash the windows! Be sure to brush off screens, use an old toothbrush to clean the window track crevices, and caulk around the seams. If your windows are in bad shape, the mild spring weather is a great time to upgrade them. Then you will be able to enjoy your clean, new windows during the warm months.


Plant Landscaping

Even if you’re not planning to live in your home forever, planning landscaping wisely will benefit your home for decades to come. Spring is a great time to plant trees that will grow to shade and protect your home.


Upgrade Curb Appeal

Besides landscaping, there are other exterior upgrades you can do to boost curb appeal on your home. If it is in the budget, upgrade your siding to really give the house a facelift. If not, consider adding charming shutters or wide trim moulding to frame the windows. If your front entrance needs some help, just upgrade the front door. Any summer guests will notice and be impressed by the home’s updates!


This spring is the perfect time to do those home improvements projects you’ve been putting off. Contact MN Home Improvements for a free estimate today!