Springtime is the season where our dreams of outdoor barbecues are nearly a reality. If we’re lucky and Mother Nature cooperates, it’s closer than we think. To get you into the outdoor party mood, consider thinking about adding a deck, porch or patio onto your home this year. Let’s start with the first question: what building material is ideal for outdoor spaces?


Traditional wood decking

Pressure-treated wood is the most common wood used in the construction of decks, porches, or patios. This option is also affordable but does require a little maintenance. Once a year, homeowners should be treating their decking with stain and water repellant to make sure that their outdoor space can withstand time. When traditional wood decking is not stained yearly it becomes grey in color instead of its rich, full-bodied wood color. This wood is also very flexible which allows craftsmanship to be more detailed and creative.


PVC & wood composite

When compared to traditional wood decking, PVC decking lasts longer and requires little to no maintenance. PVC decking requires no stain, sealant, or paint to protect it from the outdoor elements. It still effectively resists weathering, warping, bugs, and rot. Wood composite is often used by homeowners with pets and children because it is also splinter-free and slip-resistant. Furthermore, wood composite decking will not appear weathered over time and is long-lasting.


Whether you decide to install traditional wood decking and choose wood composite and PVC, adding outdoor space to your home adds immense joy. Families are able to spend more time outdoors doing the things they love and in comfort. Decks, porches, and patios allow your family to congregate outside just like you would in the comfort of your home. Do not spend your time cooped up indoors this summer; get outside with your family and friends to make the most of the season.