Although the weather is finally starting to warm, it is hard to forget the long, dreary winter we just went through. With cold months taking up more than half of our year in Minnesota, having a fireplace has some serious benefits. Here are the top 3 reasons to have a fireplace in your home!


  1.     Warmth

The biting wind and blowing snow are much more bearable when you can come home to the warmth of a fireplace. As you roast your feet by the flames, the heat envelopes you in a snug and cozy atmosphere. Some even choose to supplement their home’s heating system with a fireplace. It never hurts to have it as a backup in case of a power outage, either!

  1. Home Value

Especially in cold winters, home buyers are attracted to fireplaces. A living space featuring a fireplace is a selling point for your home and can increase your home value! According to a survey of homeowners done by the National Association of Realtors, 40% of people say they would pay extra for a home with a working fireplace. Choosing a cost effective fireplace can have an excellent return on investment.

  1. Atmosphere & Ambience

Fireplaces create an inviting space perfect for relaxing. The flames can fuel romance, deep thoughts, and inspiration. A fire is the perfect companion to a good book or a glass of wine. It is rewarding to spend the evening by the fire making memories with your family. The atmosphere and ambience of a fireplace is like nothing else in your house!


When working on home improvements this year, consider adding a fireplace to your home or updating the one that is already there! Not only will it improve your home’s value, but it will add warmth, functionality, ambience, and enjoyment to your lifestyle.