Is your family growing? Do you need more room but have no desire to move? Perhaps you’re just finding it harder to enjoy your family time in the space you have. Maybe it’s time to consider an addition to your home. Sometimes all it takes is moving a few things around and taking a wall or two out to really give your home a function overhaul. Adding on to your living space is never an easy task but sometimes it’s the right choice. 


An easier place to start would be if you don’t already have an attached garage. If your lot allows for it, it can make all the difference and be the least invasive. You’ll deal with less upheaval of your daily routine and it’ll require the least adjustment of your lifestyle during the renovation. It’ll help keep the dust and debris out of the main living area as well. As you plan the attached garage, consider adding a mudroom or washroom as a part of the addition. Just by adding these two rooms, your home can function much more efficiently.


Adding a master suite or a bathroom to your main living space is a great way to ensure you transition with your home as you age. It’ll also add value to your home should you decide to sell it down the road.


If your basement is unfinished, that’s a great place to start as well. It’s not super invasive to your immediate living space and it will add square footage to the property. You’ll add additional living space to the home without compromising any of the outdoor space needed to add on. Be sure to contact Minnesota Home Improvements for any questions or if you’re ready to start an addition or remodel!