Tile has been the most popularly used material in bathrooms for decades due to its waterproof and low-maintenance properties. However, with tile trends skewing more towards bold, fun, and creative, many homeowners don’t know where to start with their bathroom remodel.

The experts at Minnesota Home Improvements have compiled our favorite up-and-coming tile trends to inspire your next project.

Bathroom Tile Trend #1: Graphic Tile

Homeowners are being increasingly adventurous with their interior design, launching an uprising in uniquely aesthetic spaces that match function with form. Patterned tiles are an easy and exciting way to make your bathroom feel more upscale while showing off your unique personality.

Bathroom Tile Trend #2: Dimensional Tile

Homeowners in 2023 are looking for the next creative trend in tile, and multidimensional tiles fit the ticket perfectly. In addition to providing stunning visual interest, 3D tiles incorporate ultra-modern texture and movement to what can otherwise be a completely neutral space.

Bathroom Tile Trend #3: Ribbon Tile

Ribbon tile is a versatile tile trend that gives more visual interest than the simple and uncluttered aesthetic of subway tile. These long and extremely narrow tiles can be arranged to create the illusion of height or depth, making them perfect for homeowners with small bathrooms looking to create the illusion of space.

Bathroom Tile Trend #4: Wood Look Tile

As the design world strays farther from the rustic chic appeal of farmhouse decor, the clean lines and natural finishes of modern wood look tile are taking center stage. Wood look tile is exactly what the name implies—porcelain tile that looks like wood. If you’re seeking the natural appeal of wood flooring in your bathroom but don’t want to risk water damage, wood look tile is the perfect alternative.

Bathroom Tile Trend #5: Colorful Tile

If neutral bathroom tile trends aren’t up your alley, but you’re not ready for the eye-catching patterns of graphic tile, colorful tile could be perfect for you. Tile trends of the past year have shown that green tile is dominating, but we’ve also seen a huge uptick in reds, blues, yellows, and even pinks.

Bathroom Tile Trend #6: Dark Tile

Neutral colors are a trend we don’t anticipate ever fully going away—and for good reason! Neutrals create a timeless tile look that remains in style as trends change. However, if you’re wanting neutral tile with more visual interest than basic beiges and whites, gray, black, and deep brown tiles could be an excellent compromise.

Bathroom Tile Trend #7: Black-and-White Tile

High-contrast tile pairs the crisp simplicity of white tiles with the bold statement of black tile for a clean, modern look. Black-and-white tile is a classic design that offers an ultra-customizable way to incorporate both ends of the color spectrum—plus, both neutrals pair easily with almost every accent color.

Bathroom Tile Trend #8: Shaped Tile

Square and rectangular shapes have always been the norm, but we’ve recently seen a rise in the popularity of shaped tiles. From hexagons to small round tiles, leaves to flowers, and everything in between, shaped tile is one bathroom tile trend we’re excited to see grow.

Bathroom Tile Trend #9: Matte Tile

Glossy tiles are beautiful and have dominated bathroom tile trend lists for years—but we’re going on record to say the future will be matte. In addition to showing fewer handprints, smudges, and water spots, matte finish tiles create an ambiance of understated sophistication.

Bathroom Tile Trend #10: Metallic Tile

Metallic tile creates a dreamy, modern-yet-rustic look while incorporating warm colors, such as bronze, copper, and gold. The perfect complement to some of the more neutral tiles on this list, metallics bring a romantic sophistication to your master bathroom.

Ready to begin your bathroom update using some of these tile trends? Call the experts at Minnesota Home Improvements to get started, or check out examples of our past work on our website.