Limited space isn’t a problem as long as you know how to make the most of it. Remodeling or renovating your small bathroom to create a space that feels both open and welcoming may require a bit more planning and consideration for space, but it’s by no means impossible—especially if you keep these design tips in mind during the process.

Invest in Space-Saving Features

Obviously, space will be your top consideration when redoing your small bathroom. Minimize the space taken up by swinging doors by installing a pocket door, open-shelf storage, or a sliding shower door—glass, preferably, to avoid blocking out more of the room. Other features like corner sinks, shower shelves, and wall-mounted faucets will help conserve valuable space. You can also create the illusion of a larger room by mirroring one wall of the bathroom or adding several smaller decorative mirrors.

Choose Color and Décor Wisely

In a small space, dark colors will make the room feel cramped and claustrophobic, so stick with a lighter, monochromatic color scheme for your bathroom. That doesn’t have to mean you go with plain white—cream, powder blue, mint, and other pastels are great options. Be sure to use a semi-gloss finish to reflect more light.

It’s best to leave the ceiling white, but matching the tile color to the wall, or even tiling the walls, can ease the eye’s transition through the corners of the room, creating the impression of more space. Don’t overdo it on the color—utilize pops here and there with a patterned rug or towel. Adding an art feature, like a painting or a size-appropriate sculpture, can add texture and interest to the room.

Consider Storage

Storage always seems to be in short supply in bathrooms, so anything you can do to reduce the amount of clutter in your small bathroom will help open the space. If you have a swinging door, utilize the vertical area behind it for storage. It’ll take up minimal space and won’t be visible when the door is open; while it’s closed, you’ll have easy access to towel and toiletries.

Additionally, consider extending a portion of the counter over the back of the toilet. That small space might not seem like much, but it’s just enough space to make convenient storage for a box of tissues or the like.

Getting inspired? Trust Minnesota Home Improvements with your small bathroom remodeling project this summer. With years of experience and high regard for customer satisfaction, we’ll help you make the most of your limited space.