A basement that is only used for storage is wasted space. Maximize the value and usefulness of your home by turning your basement into a space that fits your lifestyle.


There are many options for how you can use the space to add value to your home and make it more useful for your family. Here are some inspiration ideas for your basement remodel:


Second Family Living Space

If you want to keep your primary living space as clean as if it were straight from a catalog, use your basement living space as a cozy den for your family to gather. Everyone needs a place to unwind, making the basement the perfect spot to kick back and relax.


Guest Space

Do you ever have guests sleeping on your couch? Make them feel more comfortable by giving them their own space. Friends and family will want to visit and spend more time in your home when they feel that they aren’t interrupting the flow of your lifestyle.


Children’s Play Area

Keep the toys and playsets for your kids more organized. Not only does a children’s play area benefit the kids, the parents also get a nice breath of relief when the kids can play in their own space.



Wine Cellar

Sommeliers or wine-enthusiasts welcome. The basement can be tailored to be the perfect environment for storing wine and can be transformed into a tasting space.


Home Theater

Families who enjoy comfortable entertainment will love a home theater in the basement. Complete with cozy couches or loungers, dim lighting, and a giant screen, theaters are perfect for unwinding after a long day.


Game Room

The one-stop shop for entertainment. Use arcade games or video games to perfect your basement gamers’ space.


 Organized Office Space

If you work out of the home, give yourself a quiet, focused place to hone in your work and minimize disruptions.



Basement Bar

For the entertaining enthusiast, creating a bar and lounge space in your basement makes the perfect play area for you and your friends.


Home Gym

Save the splurge on your gym membership by bringing the gym right to your home. There’s no better way to encourage a healthy lifestyle than removing the separation between home and health.


Cabin Escape

Who needs a weekend getaway when you can enjoy the cabin lifestyle in your home every evening? Warm wood, dim lighting, and deep couches are the perfect addition to your home to bring the ‘up north’ feeling into your own home.


Maker’s Studio Space

Bring work and play into your home by creating a giant maker’s studio in your basement. Whether you’re making paintings, music, woodworking, or photography, you can tailor the basement space to create the perfect studio for honing your craft.



In whatever style you choose to remodel your basement space, we can help! Contact us at Minnesota Home Improvements for a free estimate.