There’s no better way to give your kitchen a budget-friendly upgrade than by updating your cabinets. They’re more than just storage for dishes and cookbooks, and no one says they have to stay the same outdated style as they were when you moved in 10 years ago. Depending on what you do with them, your cabinets’ refreshed look can breathe new life into your kitchen. A complete renovation or replacement isn’t necessary—check out these inexpensive ways to bring your cabinets back into the modern era.

New Color

As with most home improvement projects, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Try a shade that differs from your countertops or walls for a dynamic contrast, or pick something complementary and tie it together throughout the room. For even more personality, add a crackling glaze or lightly sand away some of the new paint for a distressed and weathered look.

If painting isn’t an option, don’t worry: there are plenty of ways to add new color to your kitchen. Add removable wallpaper to the back wall inside your cabinets or open shelving—this work especially with glass front doors—or pick a colorful tile for a backsplash beneath your cabinets.

Open Up

Speaking of, utilizing open shelving can create contrast in your kitchen by varying your storage style, and it can be quickly and easily done by removing cabinet doors. Use the space to show off your good dishware or spotlight your favorite décor. If you’re not ready to commit to doorless shelving, you can still open things up by installing glass inserts into some of your cabinet doors (or even chicken wire for a rustic look).

New Handles or Knobs

When it comes to cabinet hardware, there are endless options, so you’re sure to find something that speaks to your interior design style. Consider the other elements in the room when examining your choices, and think about the overall style you’re looking to create in your kitchen. Go clean and crisp with sleek metal knobs, luxury with glass accents, vintage with art-deco inspired pulls, or industrial with leather handles.

When replacing your handles, keep a bit of your cabinets’ paint or stain color handy—chips are common when screwing and unscrewing pulls.

Add Texture

In the case your kitchen feels a little flat, your cabinets are a fantastic place to add texture. Classic accents, crown molding can be installed where your cabinets meet the ceiling and corbels are the perfect way to dress up the undersides. Both can be relatively simple or a more intricate design, but either way, they can add much-needed interest to the room.

If you’re planning to paint, you can also create inexpensive trim for your cabinets using MDF. Pair it with beadboard for a rustic or beachy cooking area.

Whether it’s just the cabinets or the whole room, when you’re ready to take on your kitchen upgrade, trust Minnesota Home Improvement with the job. From kitchen renovation to home styling, our team can help you refresh your room. Request a free quote today, or view our previous projects at our online gallery.