The natural elements can be hard on your roof, causing damage you oftentimes do not notice until the roof needs complete replacement. Trees, sun, wind, snow, and rain all deteriorate your roofing material and cause the need for maintenance. This article’s purpose is to help you care for your roof so that it can protect your home for years and years to come.


Most home’s roofs have a warranty on them, either from the contractor who installed it or the shingles used. There are many ways you can inadvertently void the roof’s warranty while trying to make repairs to it that you need to avoid. Improper ventilation, installation, pressure washing, adding solar panels or satellite antennas, as well as numerous other things can nullify your roof’s warranty. Be sure to read the fine print and always hire a licensed professional like MN Home Improvements when making repairs to your home’s roof.


If a tree or branch falls on a corner of your house, oftentimes it is wiser and less expensive to patch that area with shingles matching the rest of roof to the best of your ability. However, if the roof has significant deterioration on one or two whole sides, it might be wiser to replace the whole thing. Take into consideration how many more years are left on the shingle’s lifespan as well as the fact that labor costs will likely be cheaper per hour doing a bigger job. This article from can help you decide between full replacement or minor repair situations when it comes to caring for your home’s roof.


Keeping on top of roof repair is one of the best ways to maintain your largest investment: your home. We can help you diagnose and fix any roofing problem you might be having. This summer, call MN Home Improvements to help you with your roof.







Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home: Maintenance vs. Cost


If you are considering residing your home, summer is a great time to do it! Minnesota Home Improvements is here with information about your choices in siding materials. Weighing the cost and maintenance requirements for different styles of siding can help you make the right decision.



The most popular choice for siding in the Midwest is vinyl; it’s one of the lowest cost options and it requires little maintenance. Expect to pay $6,000 – $13,000 to install vinyl siding on an average two-story house. Vinyl is easy and quick to install. Often, it can even retrofit over existing siding if necessary. Vinyl will not crack or rot and many new varieties have fade-resistant qualities. Over time, vinyl can sometimes warp or fade, but the durability of high-quality vinyl can last on your house a lifetime.



This style of siding is gaining popularity because of its durability and resemblance to traditional wood siding. Cement siding is water resistant, termite resistant, noncombustible, and will not rot making it very low maintenance. All it requires is a power washing a few times a year. However, because cement is quite heavy, it requires more labor and costs more per square inch installed. Expect to pay $13,000 to $22,000 for an average two-story home, according to



To get a custom, high-end look on your home, installing synthetic stone siding can really increase curb appeal. You will pay about 4 times more per square foot than other siding options, but synthetic stone is still less costly than real stone. Synthetic stone can be a great choice to compliment other siding options and give your home’s facade variety. It is worth it to pay a little more to make your home look significantly better – not to mention really boost its resale value! The best part: synthetic stone requires little to no maintenance.


These are some of the more popular choices in siding you can ask us about. We also offer other siding varieties such as steel and cedar wood. Let us help you upgrade your home’s exterior this summer!