One of the most influential factors in your home’s efficiency, style, and comfort is your windows. If you recently bought a house or have lived in your home for more than ten years, you might be wondering when you should replace the windows. The benefits of new windows are numerous, so let’s cover the criteria for when to replace them and improve your home.


You Can Feel Drafts

Often, older windows let in major drafts because they are warped. Even though you can try to remedy the problem with caulking or weather stripping, sometimes the issue requires replacement. Investing in a double or triple pane window can drastically improve the window’s efficiency and reduce drafts. You can tell if the window is drafty by holding a candle near it and watching if the flame flickers. If drafts are the only problem and there is nothing wrong with the window sash or casing, consider replacement windows instead of new construction windows to save a little money.


The Wood is Rotting

Most older windows in a home are made from wood. Although old wood windows can be in great shape because of the quality of lumber used 40 or more years ago, sometimes they can develop mold or rot. This happens when moisture settles along the windows from condensation. Also, if your wood window frames have been painted again and again throughout the years, it might be impossible to get them fully stripped of paint and looking smooth again. Instead of replacing wood windows with wood, consider vinyl or aluminum clad windows. explains that wood windows produced back when are not nearly as durable as ones made today.


Broken Windows

Usually, it is most cost-effective to replace just the broken piece of window. If the seal on the pane is broken and the glass is foggy, simply replacing the glass will solve the problem. If the hinge or lock is broken, buy a replacement. If numerous windows are in need of replacement parts, it might be time to get new windows altogether. Either way, it is important to hire a professional to install your new windows because getting them level and weathertight is absolutely necessary. MN Home Improvements is always available with the tools and skills available to do the job right.


If you are struggling with the decision to replace your windows, give MN Home Improvements a call to schedule an appointment and free consultation. Your home should not have drafty, moldy, rotten, or broken windows. Replacing the windows in your home can make a huge improvement to your quality of life!