A properly executed home improvement project can boost curb appeal, add functionality, and increase the value of your home on the real estate market. However, not all home improvements add value in the same way, so you should understand which projects are most appealing to potential buyers, especially if you plan on selling soon. 

Decks That Wow 

One of the many highlights of a Minnesota summer is enjoying time outdoors with friends and family. A beautifully crafted deck provides the perfect space for BBQs, game nights, and family gatherings. Exterior decks are among the most valuable home improvement projects, with a well-made deck contributing up to 44% of your investment to the value of your home.  

Siding for Lasting Impressions 

Beautiful siding leaves a positive first impression on potential buyers and passersby alike. Investing in new siding not only improves your home’s durability, but it can also increase your home value by up to 7%.  

At Minnesota Home Improvements, we offer a wide variety of siding options, including wood, steel, stone, and vinyl siding that can handle unpredictable Minnesota weather and complement your home’s existing aesthetic.  

Window Wonders 

If you’ve already updated your home’s siding and doors, updating your windows is a logical next step, especially if you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Replacing old, worn-out windows with newer, more insulated ones can boost your curb appeal and increase value by as much as $14,000—that’s around a 68% ROI. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows can further reduce your energy bills and attract eco-conscious buyers.  

Gutter Perfection 

Gutters are often overlooked in the home value conversation, but they are one of the best home improvements to add value—because nobody wants to buy a leaky house. Investing in reliable gutters helps prevent future structural issues within your home and ensure buyers will be satisfied with their purchase.  

Kitchen and Bath Elegance 

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most common home improvements in the industry, and for good reason—on average, kitchen renovations contribute an 80% ROI to the value of your home, with bathrooms ranging around 60%.  

In addition to its monetary benefits, a new kitchen or bathroom can do wonders for your home’s aesthetic value and your own personal quality of life. Whether your existing fixtures are worn out and need replacement or you’d like a few minor upgrades to take your space to the next level, a kitchen or bathroom renovation is almost always a good investment. 

Insulation for Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is a top priority for today’s homeowners and is generally a good reason for a home remodel. Investing in proper insulation is one of the most effective ways to both reduce your monthly utilities and attract energy-conscious buyers.  

Let Minnesota Home Improvements Do the Hard Work 

Trends come and go, but making improvements to your home that both enhance its visual appeal and functionality is almost always a win-win for homeowners looking to add value to their property.  

Here at Minnesota Home Improvements, we know exactly what kind of projects are most beneficial to Minnesota homeowners, and we customize our services to ensure every client is satisfied with our work.  

Trust the professionals to do the dirty work for you. Contact us today for a consultation!