If your 2020 New Year’s resolution was to finally address your unfinished basement, we’ve got great news for you—there’s still time! While people tend to think of the warmer months as the ideal time for construction and remodeling, there are plenty of projects that can be done in the winter. In fact, it’s one of the best times to redo your basement. Not only will your construction crew appreciate being indoors and out of the cold, but there are also multiple money-saving benefits to remodeling in the winter.

Increased Availability

Spring and summer are far busier seasons for contractors and construction companies. The warm weather inspires homeowners around the country to take initiative and finally address their crumbling deck or outdated kitchen—which makes booking a reliable crew difficult.

Business slows when snow falls, so you’ll have an easier time finding a company to work with, even on short notice. It’s also easier to get electrical and plumbing work done, since they won’t be booked out as far. You’ll rarely have scheduling conflicts, and you might even be offered lower prices than you’d receive in summer and spring.

With fewer ongoing projects, your construction crew will have more time to dedicate to your remodel, so your basement might be completed faster than you anticipated. If your renovations require a permit or inspection, working in winter could speed up the process, as there’s increased availability in those industries as well.

Improved Material Selection

Whether you’re looking for flooring, appliances, or furniture during your remodel, you can often find reduced prices in the winter—even on custom-built materials. With business slow and the end of the year fast approaching, manufacturers usually size down their inventory to make room for next year’s incoming materials. You may find deals and discounts, dropping the overall cost of the project.

Perfect Timing

Unlike your kitchen or living room, you probably won’t be using your basement much during the holiday season, so having it “off-limits” probably won’t throw a wrench in your plans. Take advantage of reduced foot traffic, and have your basement ready for hangouts come spring.

Remodeling in the winter can also lessen the risk of mold invading your basement—the last thing you want in a freshly-finished project. The rising temperature and moisture of spring can breed fungus, but with winter’s cold, dry air, it won’t be a problem.

Real estate markets pick up in the spring, so if you plan to sell your house, a new basement will boost your home’s value, and you’ll be ready to sell right when the market is hot.

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