As the temperatures climb this summer your list of things to do is probably getting longer and longer. That said, replacing your windows this summer is one of those things that should go straight to the top of that list. We’re not just saying that either, there are actually quite a few reasons that the summer months are the perfect time to replace your windows. What exactly do you have to gain by replacing your windows? We’re glad you asked. Here are few reasons:



It’s no secret that Minnesota summers are pretty unpredictable—why wouldn’t they be? Minnesota weather in general is unpredictable! Windows and weather go hand-in-hand and when you get that summer storm warning you’ll be glad you’ve got sturdy windows to keep out all that rain.



Cooling your home can get pretty expensive when you’re running your air conditioner constantly. When you’ve got updated windows you keep out all that extra heat that can seep in through drafty windows. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the cool summer breeze floating through an open window to let you know summer has finally arrived.



The caulk adheres better when the temperature is warmer so you’re ensuring that the installation process goes off without a hitch when you choose to replace your windows in the summer. Other materials can be impacted by the heat differently so it’s best not to wait until the dog days of summer!



Not only will upgraded windows increase your property value should you choose to sell, you’ll also safeguard your home against any security threats. New windows add another layer of protection for your family and your property.


If you’re looking to update, upgrade, or replace your windows this summer, make sure to call Minnesota Home Improvements or visit our website for more information!