With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are working and learning remotely. As we spend more time in our homes and find ourselves with more time on our hands due to social distancing, there’s been a surge in home improvement projects as homeowners refresh and redesign their spaces to be compatible with this new way of life.


Now that winter is on its way, we’ll be spending even more time indoors to avoid falling temperatures and falling snow. It’s the perfect time to consider updating your décor with some of the latest trends in interior design.


Earth Tones and Bright Pops 

Blue has always been a popular color in the world of interior design, but 2020 has seen the rise of other earthy shades in addition to the classic navy: olive and avocado greens, deep browns, burnt reds and oranges, and ochres. These muted tones are a great way to bring color to a room while keeping it au naturel. Besides creating the feeling of living in the great outdoors, these colors can have a much-needed calming effect on our psyches; greens and browns evoke security and safety, while blue evokes serenity.


If bolder and brighter are more your style, never fear—pops of color are in, too! Check out our post on how to use a new coat of paint to refresh your home.


Natural Materials

It’s become increasingly popular to use nature-inspired materials in interior design. Natural stone is appearing in tile work and countertops, wood paneling has returned with a geometric twist, and mixed metals are being used to create a modern yet organic feel. Indoor wicker furniture, fiber wall hangings, and ceramic accents are other fantastic ways to bring the outdoors inside.


For even more green, consider incorporating real houseplants—or fake, for those with a black thumb—thoughtfully into your home’s design, like indoor gardens that utilize extra space or wall-mounted planters. Time for a window replacement? Help your new greenery thrive with lots of natural light from floor-to-ceiling or picture windows.



Gone are the sharp-edged minimalistic furniture of the past few years; the curved shapes of the 60s have returned. From asymmetrical, plush sofas to arching door frames—it’s all about comfort and flexibility.


Multifunctional Spaces

In 2020, it’s become necessary for our houses to not only function as homes but as offices, learning areas, and play spaces, too. Built in storage and seating, like the classic window seat, are great ways to save space, and open floor plans leave room for change in the future.


Bold Prints

Wallpaper has returned with a modern update and is being used to create bold accent walls in bathrooms and bedrooms. Floral and foliage prints are a fun, easy way to add color to a room, but if you’re not quite ready to commit to a full wall, consider using wallpaper to accent your cabinets or a rug with an abstract, artistic print.


Feeling inspired? Give us a call! Whether you’re looking to provide that “wow factor” when staging your home for sale, or you just want a fresh environment as you hunker down for winter, Minnesota Home Improvement’s interior design contractors are ready to help.