Once an afterthought in home design, closet designs have become a bigger consideration to homeowners. Whether homeowners are working with a small space they want to use more efficiently, or a closet nearly as big a second bedroom, there are plenty of unique, fun, and sometimes extravagant ideas to upgrade your closet.

More Drawers, Bars, and Shelves

Closets of the past consisted of a bar to hold hangers and one shelf at the very top… and that was about it. Now, home designers add additional rows of hanging space as well as plenty of drawers and shelves, utilizing space from the floor to the ceiling. This allows for less reliance on dresser space as well as closet space and gives you more freedom to decorate and design the bedroom.

Unique Colors and Textures

No longer do closets have to remain the dark, dingy space you store clothing. Dress up your storage space with accent colors and textures. Use unique hardware on drawers and wall hangers.  Add an accent wall, door, or drawer to draw the eye and add interest.

Boutique-Inspired Preparation Space

Men have their man cane, now women can have a custom pampering space. Include a vanity, custom lighting, a mirror, and seating space. Accent with plush rugs and furniture, and be sure to include plenty of space to store purses, jewelry, and shoes. Some even choose to include a wine fridge!

Integrate with the Room

Especially if you don’t have the space to build a walk-in closet, modern designs are well-organized enough to be included as a stylish part of the bedroom. It’s not uncommon to see doorless closets in modern designs.

Dual Clothing Functionality

Perhaps the most ingenious use new designs have adapted is integrating a laundry room and a closet in one space. This way, homeowners can wash, dry, fold, and store clothing all in location!


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