Trends are present in most aspects of life, from fashion to landscaping to interior design. Sure, it’s good to stay up to date with the latest styles, but the day may come where you want to create a more lasting, timeless space within your home.

Timeless interior design isn’t based on the yearly fads. Instead, it thrives on simplicity and functionality to create a cohesive balance. This includes reducing décor clutter by having only one or two focal points within the room, as well as selecting pieces that are not only fashionably timeless but made of quality materials. As you design your ideal space, consider these tips to create rooms that will look stylish and comfortable in the years to come, no matter what’s considered “in.”

Neutral Color Schemes

White, beige, gray, and cream have always been classic color schemes for a reason—neutral tones don’t go out of style. Neutrals are a great choice for wall colors, as they add to the room without overpowering it and provide a clean backdrop, allowing you to incorporate more color into the furniture, pillows, or wall decorations.

Blue and green are classic accents to neutral tones, especially dark green and navy. If you want to experiment with brighter pops of color, do so sparingly to avoid gaudiness, and be careful not to let it overpower the room.


Artwork is never not going to be in. Whether you choose paintings or vivid landscape photography, wall-hung artwork is a fantastic way to add personality to a room and can serve as a striking focal point. However, don’t make the mistake of designing a room around a work of art; matching the exact color scheme may seem like a good idea, but it causes the piece to fade into the background instead of standing on its own.

Interior designer Bunny Williams says, “I find that mixing exciting contemporary art with antiques and modern furniture creates a room that will stand the test of time.” The opposite is equally true. Even if your furniture or flooring is a bit outdated, adding a modern work of art to the room is an instant update that blends the past and present.

Natural Materials

What’s more timeless than Mother Nature? If the interior design of 2020 proved anything, it’s that you can’t go wrong with incorporating natural materials into your home. No matter what the trend of the month is, hardwood floors, exposed brick, marble countertops, and stone fireplaces will always be classic staples. Not only do they bring an element of the outdoors inside, but these materials are extremely durable.

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